High heat primer or regular primer

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I just recieved my quart of Bill Hirsch engine enamel today. The recommend using primer for any steel surfaces other than cast or aluminum. I was going to prime the valve covers, timing chain cover and oil pan. It never occurred to me if I need to use a high heat primer or just the regular stuff. I actually had never heard of the high heat until I read the back of the paint can. I could always contact my auto supply shop and see if they sell it. I don't need any of the paint bubbling off after my hard work. Overkill or necessity?

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I used PPG DP40 epoxy primer on my (carefully cleaned and prepped) 1957 engine.  After almost 20 years of sitting and occasional use it is in good condition except for the exhaust passages on the heads burning off as all Pontiac V8s do.  The DP primers are expensive but they stick and have excellent rust resistance, I was more confident in that than any high heat claim on a lacquer type in a spray can.   Good luck with yours, Todd C

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