1936 buick wiring/electrical

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hello ..I recently purchased a 1936 Buick Series 40 car was in a full frame of restoration years ago .car was put back together expect for none of the electrical has been done and none of the old wiring or anything is on the car I orderd wiring harness from YandZ ....My question is what else do I need to get to comple the wiring/electrical on the car ...thank you 


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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I assume the 1936 wiring harness installation is similar to my 1937 and 1938 wiring harnesses. Do you have a factory service manual? Both the  1937 and 1938 manuals have extensive sections devoted to the electrical system as well as wiring diagrams which would help you understand the wire routing. I would also suggest you may want to consider joining the 36-38 Buick Club. Feel free to check out the club website at The club has technical advisors who can help with these types of questions. Also be sure to scroll down the the Pre-War Buick section of this forum. You will find folks there who know more about these particular cars as well. 

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