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1991 white TC- LOADS of FREE parts - S. California

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I miss my TC, but...
I am in Ojai, CA. I owned two 1991 TC's. A tree fell on the front of my first one (white with black interior) and damaged the hood, fender and windshield. One of the things I had to replace while I owned it was the brake booster assembly, or whatever it is called. Ad I recall, it was around $800.
I then purchased another 1991 with butterscotch interior. So, parts being as expensive as they are, I decided to disassemble my first one, rather than junking it. I had my mechanic take it apart, including more or less everything that could be removed, down to a rolling chassis. It ran and drove at the time it was dropped off for disassembly. It cost me $1,000. to do this, and I thought it was worth it since the brake part cost almost that much, and I planned on having another T.C.
My second T.C. was then smashed into by a careless driver. I now find myself without a T.C., and with a different car. This leaves me with lot's of parts that I have no use for. I am located in Ojai, CA, 70 miles from L.A. The parts are all stored in a closed, wooden shed, in boxes, in my yard. Big shed, lot's of parts. We are moving. So, I am giving away the parts. I did not keep the engine block itself or transmission. I don't think I have the seats. I have 2 white hard tops, and one soft top with frame. All in good condition. There are LOADS of parts. You will need a van or pick-up truck. The parts are stored inside a storage room so they have not been rained on, or anything like that. They have been stored safely for about 3 years. No windshield, no hood. Not sure if the wheels are there. Just about everything else should be there, including all body and mechanical parts which when removed, left a rolling chassis.
The rules of the game:
- I want to keep the brake booster assembly and soft-top in case I ever get another T.C. 
Don't ask for an inventory of parts. I do not have one. (2 white hardtops - both in good condition- included FREE)
Don't ask for photos. I don't have them, and I am not going to go through the boxes and boxes of parts.
Don't ask to take some of the parts. I need to get rid of it all. You are welcome to come and take everything, but you must take it all. 
The second hard-top is located in North Hlyd area, so we will have to meet there for you to take that. Otherwise, everything is in Ojai.
I am glad to give them to a T.C. enthusiast for free. But- if you are a DEALER, I expect you to
be honest with me. Then- I would want you to pay me something 'fair' for the parts, since I know that you will sell most of them for at least $50./each for the smallest parts.
The parts came from a running, driving car, so they should all be good.
The mechanic was competent and thorough, so there are a lot of parts, including lot's of interior parts.
The car was in good condition, with less than 70k miles, and drove great.
I will not participate in doing the work of loading stuff, shipping it, or anything else. I am offering to give it all to someone that wants to come and take it. You can drive your pick-up to within about 10 feet of the storage shed.
If you have questions, please email them to me and make it as simple as possible.
I can arrange to meet someone here to pick up the parts usually within two day's notice, and most afternoons or evenings.
AGAIN- please don't ask me about specific parts- I don't remember what parts are there.
Just the two hard tops should be worth $500., and the rest of it another $1,000. You can have it ALL for free.
Today is Jan 25, and I would like to have the shed emptied by Feb 10.
(I ran this ad a year ago and had no takers!)
-David     email direct to:   dfeigin@yahoo.com


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Based upon the timing I would imagine your parts are all gone, however I just joined the forum and have two TCs that I am always looking for parts on and I live in Southern California and Ojai is a manageable drive. Anything left?

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