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Playing "hide the emblem" with LeBaron


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*Finally* starting into the restoration of my '38 K roadster. I was pulling the sidemounts off last night, and there was the LeBaron emblem, currently covered with overspray and buried way down in the passenger-side corner where you can't see it behind the sidemount. Since my car originally came with sidemounts, this tells me someone painted the body and put the emblem on before they knew what style front fenders were going on. As much as I would like to have the emblem where I can see it, I think I'll keep it there ;)


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8 hours ago, alsancle said:

Are you going full boat?   I don't know if I have many/any more of those in me.

Yep, but this'll be it.  The '66 Mustang (my first car) was my undergrad degree, the Zephyr was my masters, and this will be my PhD ;)

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