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1937 Super 8 replacement distributor

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We're putting on the finishing touches on a 1937 Super 8 Coupe roadster. The correct 3-piece distributor cap is on the car, but I'd like to find a 'modern' replacement for both touring and back up. A separate set of wires will be made. The distributor is an Autolite IGT 1405. any advice on what cap might fit from NAPA or other stores? Same for points, condensor, and rotor? Thanks! glenn Hamilton

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Glenn - I know that NAPA Auto sells caps points and condensers for the Delco distributor for a 1937 Super Eight.  They might also sell parts for an Autolite as well.  You''ll have to find a NAPA store (an old store) with the old paper catalogs to have them look for the part numbers.  It won't be in the computer.

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