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Old solid rubber tire 34 x 6

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I have only one solid rubber tire on a rough rim.  I have no idea what it is for and it is very heavy.  I'd like to get $50.00 for it.  It is neat looking but I am losing my storage space and have no place to put it.  Please come and save it.  Located in Hamburg PA  19526.  rockingchairmotors@yahoo.com.  text 610-972-9694.  Thanks for looking




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If no takers here, you mi8ght try the Nash Club or the Nash forum here---per an Aug 1918 Power Wagon spec list, , the 1918 Nash model 3018 2Ton wore 34x6 on the rear, and probably the same for close years..

That was not the Jeffery/Nash Quad (model 4017) that, per the same reference, wore  36x5s all around, but a "civilian" truck Nash also built...

34x6 doesn't appear to've been a very popular size...

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