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Coming back to being an editor

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I have had to severely scale back the production of our region’s newsletter in 2017. I am hoping 2018 will be different and I will be able to resume publishing a bi monthly newsletter for my region (GNYR).


How do I go about signing up for the editor judging again. I didn’t do it last year so I gave forgotten. 


Thank you and Happy New Year to you all!! 


Best regards,

Keith Gramlich 

Editor, “The Newsletter”


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The current VP of Publications is Mary Bartemeyer. I would suggest you either send her an email or else contact Pat Buckley at AACA headquarters and ask her for an application. If you do nothing, I think that when your 2018 Region Officer Reporting Forum goes to headquarters with you listed as the editor, that we result in the application being send to you. 

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