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Original Dealership TC lighted signs, posters, flags, books for sale

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I am going to sell the car separately and depending on responses may part it out.  I will also do an inventory of everything and sell some of the books and posters separately. I will post more pics of everything including the car soon. Thanks for the quick response and I will continue to update info

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So here are some more pics for the dealership's "Chrysler's TC by Maserati" display


It is one full set up for the dealership that will be sold together, however, there are about 30 information packets for the TC that I will be selling individually.


The plug in-lighted neon sign is double-sided (same pic on both sides) and has a chain for hanging


There are 4 tall signs with individual posters


There are 2 framed pictures (2 different photos)


There is one hanging flag


I have the stand for the convertible hard top with the blue cloth cover


I have the original crystal keys...but they do not work for the car because the original locks had to be changed


The last pics are of the car as it sits now...covered in snow. I drove the car into that spot in early 2014, covered it, and it has sat there untouched since.


Also I not sure on the year of the actual car but I will check when it gets warmer outside


All these pics were taken today, 1/16/18
























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Thank you for the good info and interest. Unfortunately, I don't have prices for anything yet and in fairness was planning on posting everything on ebay. However, if anybody does want to make a serious offer send an email to keliikipi@comcast.net


I will be braving the weather in the next few days to get more pics and more info on the car itself.


I will reply to any serious offer emails as soon as I can. I do not have time to respond to low ball offers...it will be much easier for me to sell this all on craigslist or ebay


I will continue to update info here and thanks again!

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