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This past summer I bought a 1976 Buick Skylark S/R. It is mostly original Texas car which now has 39,000 miles. It is a very nice car to drive, has ps, pb, cruise and ac, bucket seats. In the late 90s I had a 76 Skylark coupe and sold it because it was too new to be an old car. I usually have 40s and 50s cars. I think this one will be a keeper.

glace bay 012.jpg

glace bay 013.jpg

glace bay 015.jpg

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Wow, that thing is NICE! And nicely equipped. If you are a Buick Club of America member, I would be pleased to have you write up an article about the car and send me more photos so we could put it in the magazine. I don't think we have ever published an article on a Skylark S/R.  They must be rare.

Pete Phillips, Editor

The Buick Bugle


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Sorry Pete, I am not a member of the Buick Club of America. I have not researched the production numbers for my car but I think it is fairly low. I have paperwork for it from when it was purchased new in New Mexico. The original Buick 8 track tape player is still in it and even the 8 track tape that was supplied by the dealer. I forgot to mention above that it has the V6, the famous oddfire engine. 

glace bay 017.jpg

glace bay 018.jpg

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The Buick Club of America Board of Directors won't allow me to print articles on non-members' cars, unfortunately. Sure is a nice one, and it has to be rare.


Just checked the production numbers for the 1976 Skylark S/R 2-dr. coupe: 3,880. Yes, that's a rare one.


Pete Phillips

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