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Help identify FENDER SKIRTS

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I have these fender skirts which I would like advertise but don't know what they might be for.



I happened to see this picture of a Buick. Could they be car specific or are they aftermarket? 

There are no markings on mine.


Thanks for any help or suggestions,




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And I came to this thread thinking I was going to see some beautiful ladies with nice skirts and stocking sitting on the fenders of some fine antique automobiles. What a disappointment!   LOL Only joking.

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34 minutes ago, intimeold said:

There seems to be a lip, at the lower/bottom edge, on your skirts.  Not so on the set on the 1939 Buick.




Yes I see that now also. 

I have get better pictures up and show the detail at the other side. Will try that tomorrow as they are in a locker.


Thanks for looking,


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