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New 37 Chevy Owner! Beautiful Car, couple of Questions Please!


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After many years of 42 Continental ownership with all the V-12 hassles I wanted something more simple, hence the Chevrolet OHV 6! I bought the car last July a beautiful black 5 window coupe what a beautiful car!!!! I love this car, documented 50,000 miles, no rust but needs some chrome work such as door quarter window frames, ext handles, & bumpers.


One question I have is the color of the door window frames & dash, it is a maroon or a flat burgandy color, is this correct? I'm sure that Chevrolet didn't do a wood grain on the glass frames for a deluxe master coupe.

I'm thinking that I should re-spray the door frames, & maybe the dash while I'm redoing the chrome pieces etc. Is the correct color for a 37 Chevy the semi-gloss maroon color (anybody have a color code) or should it be wood grained? Thanks!!!


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I am not sure of the correct colors for a 1937 Chevrolet, but for a 1933 Master 5 window coupe the window frames are wood grained and some wood grained sections in the dash.


If you don't get an answer here you can post this question on the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) forum and I guarantee you will get a quick response.


The other option is to contact the VCCA technical advisor for 1937 Chevrolets.  His name is Tom Burtch and you can contact him by phone at 727-203-5179 (Eastern time) or email at  tomsoldcarhobby@yahoo.com

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