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1928 Buick Master transmission oil

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In my 1929 Master I run 600W from MACs in the transmission and the differential. I think the transmission is 2-3 quarts and the differential close a gallon. I'm not really sure on the refill capacity. The heavy 600W is really the only lube I have used that allows easy shifting. It also slows down on leaks some.

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Transmission around 1.75 quarts, differential 2.3 quarts (for the 128"). The shorter ones need more for the differential. Fill it up to the lower level of the filler plug.

Take a heavy one, I take at least W250, follow tinindians hint or calculate a half a day to pour the oil in;)

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My 1925 Buick transmission holds 1 quart.  I started my 1925 Buick on 600 WT from Snyders.  They call it M-533.  I don't like the other 600W  that is available that looks like brown mud.  The 600W worked fine but not great, especially when cold.  I also had to mail order it.  I have been working with a Ford Model A friend as these transmissions are a similar design.  Lucas recommended a 50/50 mix of 80/90 Lucas gear oil and Lucas Stabilizer for the Model A transmission.   Their "general" publication on the gear oil/ stabilizer mix is 50/50 for rear axles and 75 gear oil/25% stabilizer for manual transmissions.  The stabilizer has the clinging properties that we are looking for.    My friend modified the 50/50 mix and his transmission shifts better using 60% 80/90 gear oil and 40% Stabilizer.  I went with the 75% 80/90 gear oil and 25% Stabilizer for the transmission.   50/50 is great for the rear axle.  

I recommend anything between 25 and 40% stabilizer in the transmission.   The car definitely shifts better using the Lucas oils.   Lucas is GL-4 which is safe for brass internals.  

 I get to use a synthetic oil which is always a positive.   I can purchase this at the local autoparts store and our Walmart even carries it.  


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