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39 at Fort Lauderdale’s Auction

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On 1/7/2018 at 9:55 PM, Elpad said:

Offered this weekend, don’t know if it sold or for how much


If anybody hears what the car brings, I'd be interested to know.  It would give me some idea of what my identical car might be worth.  I'm 79 and will start to consider selling after I turn 80.

Our 1939 Buick 41-C conv sed RH Front.JPG

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8 minutes ago, Imperial62 said:


What is that color?  I like your color better.

It is Sequoia Cream, available only on convertibles in '39.  There is a modern cross you may be  able to buy in single-stage Dupont or other brands.  It is 1978 Cadillac (only, not other GM) Colonial Yellow.  I used that color in Centari to do some touch up on my car and it was a perfect match.

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1 hour ago, 39BuickEight said:

"Lemonade" is a current GM color that is 99.9% dead on the old sequoia cream chip colors.

That's interesting to know.  I guess what goes around comes around as they say.


I like the finish of single stage better than basecoat/clearcoat on the pre-1950 or maybe even pre-1960 cars better.  The shine seems to look closer to lacquer to me and you can get it closer to the glass-like finish of lacquer.  But, I'm an old guy....to me nothing matches lacquer.


My blue car is nitrocellulous lacquer and the yellow one is acrreilic lacquer.  Yup, I know spelling is incorrect. No spell-check on this site.  The blue car was finished in 1981 and the cream car in 1979.  The cream car was over three old paint jobs, last being Earl Schieb.  It was repaired in 2000 with single stage on the back of the body and clear coated without stripping.  The fenders were NOS in 1978 and the nose was off the blue car.  Paint is still beautiful today.  Scratched the  right front fender with my belt buckle and it was repaired with the Colonial Yellow 1978 Cadillac single stage Colonial Yellow.  The car is smooth and looks great.  The blue car was stripped and Dupont someting-110 red printer was used as original.  The color is Glacier Blue Metallic as original, and it was Ditzler lacquer.  It has held up exceptionally well for its age.  No clear was used on that car s clear at time tended to yellow.  It still has a nice soft shine.  A truck hit the right rear fender, and I had a full gallon of original paint.  The painter who fixed it did okay on the color, but didn't really know how to sand and buff it right, so it isn't as deep as the rest of the car.  Any time I can brush my teeth in the side door of the car, and see myself clearly, then I consider it a good paint job.

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