Patrick W. Brooks

1916 Pierce records of Austin Clark and Glen Cove participation in the Vintage Rally in England

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The records of the participation of Austin Clark and Glen Cove of Long Island, NY, in the 1954 Rally in England are posted on Ebay for auction.  They include the Rally Programme, dozens of pictures, and other items.  To view this very interesting story and the records find the listing on Ebay by entering "1916 Pierce-Arrow records of participation in 1954 Anglo=American Vintage Car Rally".  These records are being sold to the successful bidder without reserve.  Thanks for listening.  Brooker.

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The program and banner are great.  Turns out the photos in this group are of a 1950's or so antique car gathering at the Mineola Fair and Industrial Exposition in Mineola, L.I.  Photographs were by J.J. Finnegan of Oyster Bay, Long Island.


If anyone is interested in the photos they're available,.


The real prize to me is/was the banner used on the 1916 Pierce, am grateful to have it now in my Pierce memorabilia collection!

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