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53 Pontiac Hydra-Matic

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Hi there

I'm owning a 53 Pontiac Catalina with an Inline 8 which I actually rebuild. I had also an issue with the hydra-matic so I decided to check the transmission. Always when pushed in Neutral or when towed I had a rattling noise coming from the tranny that stoped when the car reached a certain velocity. I opend it and located the source of that noise. There is a Parking Brake Gear and sort of blocker lever. And this lever causes the rattling noise.


Now. I am no sure, if this is a Problem. Usually I don't move the car in Neutral. Perhaps there is a problem with a valve that doesn't keep the blocker off the parking brake gear in Neutral.




The parking brake blocker lever




the parking brake gear with slight signs of wear. the lever is removed




Blocker lever and gear disassembled.


Hope my english isn't too bad, it's not my mother tongue.

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