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Thanks and Happy New Year

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On behalf of President Tom Cox, our entire board, our staff and yours truly we want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  We hope the coming year is a healthy one and a great year for the entire old car hobby.


Thanks to all of you who support us.  While in some ways we may have been a bit quiet these last few months it is only because we are hard at work trying to finalize several new major initiatives for AACA and our members.  Our new building  is only one and will open up many doors for us. The hobby might be in for a bit of a shock what capabilities we will have when all is said and done.


Those of you who use the forums and are not members we still thank you for your participation.  The forums here provide a great service to the hobby and that is why the club supports it so well.  Please remember that our AACA Library & Research Center with over 2,000,000 items is a great resource and it is also free to the public.  More and more people are coming in every day to do research.  We hope that some of you will consider joining if nothing else to support our club's mission.


Have a safe New Years Eve!!




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Thanks Steve, it is us however, that should be thanking you. Your work behind the scenes and the articles you write for the AACA magazine are an asset to our hobby. Keep up the excellent work. Not only a Happy New Year but above all, a healthy one.

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Thanks to our board, the great HQ Staff - including the Library folks, West Peterson,  and of course Steve.  It's not only about keeping the day-to-day ops going, but all about looking ahead and planning for the future.  The new HQ Building is a perfect example of the strategic planning that has taken place there behind the scenes.  As we look towards a brand new year, the future of AACA looks very bright indeed.   Happy New Year to all.


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Thanks Steve well said. It is people like yourself putting in the extra effort that make tours, shows and swap meet events possible for us to enjoy.

   Thanks very much appreciated and a new years greetings to Don, Marty, Wayne, yourself to name a few and all the AACA staff.  

                      Joe from Canada 


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