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1994 Camaro Z28-1LE For Sale-192 TTL Miles!


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CAMARO: 1994 Z28 1LE, very rare 1 of 135, Black with Gray/Red Interior; B-W(T-56)6 Speed-192 total miles. Have all conceivable paperwork on the car, bought new and still has the Chevrolet inspection stickers on the windows. Car should be treated as an investment. Legal to run on the street. Primary customers were sold to the SCCA members. This is a “No Frills” Pony Car. ”This car could be the lowest mileage Gen4 1LE in the country” ASKING 20K. Call Larry@8156638304thumbup.gif

ASKING 20K 5a8eecf4b14da_94CamaroBuildSheet.jpg.2d910ae061e315ad8ba7ab4ae5417a60.jpg

Reason For Selling>NEED ROOM-Have an eye on
another car.

I am not in the market to make a big profit on this car. All I want is a "Fair Price". On the other hand I do not want to give it away either. This car is intended to be sold to a "Low mileage Camaro Collector" not a dealer that wants a quick turnover.




94 Z28 007.JPG

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7 hours ago, keiser31 said:

Please state a price. Ebay is for "offers".


Yes, Mr Keiser


It seems we have another fishing/phishing expedition


A guy called me this weekend; on something that I do buy; but when asked, how much can I buy it for next week, after Chritsmas; his response was, He didn't know.  That deal is 4 hours away; just for me to go and take a personal look at his vehicle.  I would have go back home until he decided.


Doesn't look like I am making that trip.


I agree with you; if a seller has something to sell; he should research the market, if possible,  advertise a firm price that you are comfortable with; and get out thee and advertise it, at that price.  Don't waste  a serious buyer's time by your inability to competitively price something.  

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It should be treated as an investment, not for a dealer for a quick turnover.


Kind of makes you think about investments.  Short bad, long good, I guess How was the rate over the last 24 years? Original cost plus 1.5% annual compounded seems to be the low end on CD's today.


Mysteries and noir.



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You say $7500 is more than book value .. just wondering what book you are referring to?!! I didn't know there was a book out there

that had specific prices for '94 1LE Camaros. Like to look at it. Past Auction results probably best bet to determine price. (( BJ or Mecum )) ... Looks like 

a NICE ONE and great colour combo.

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Probably referring to the same book that every dealer uses when you trade your car in.  It doesn't matter how special it is to you or those other one or two guys you are hoping still have a pulse.  It's all just numbers.  

If auction results are what you want,  run it on eBay.  If those buyers are out there,  they will bid and where the top 2 run it is what market is for that car on that day.  

Good luck.  

I know a guy that buys original low mileage cars like this,  but I would bet he is going to want a number up front before he pursues it any further,  and yes he has bought cars much older with similar or less mileage that were also very desirable models with the right options for his museum.  Often paying much more than I would have thought they were worth. 

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Guest Mark McAlpine

There is a NADA Guide for classic cars which is updated quarterly.  I'm on the road, so I can't check our hard copy, but the online NADA site quotes an MSRP of $16,799 for a 1994 Camaro Z-28 1LE coupe, with a high retail price of $8,280.  Of course that doesn't account for other options, collectability, and the exceptionally low mileage, but it's a starting point for discussion.  Like anything offered for sale, a fair price is whatever both parties agree to and are happy with.  Happy New Year everyone!

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The BEST cars I have ever owned were priced higher than book value and I was happy with them.


The bargains that disappointed me were passed on to guys who always bought bargains.


They don't have a clue why I pay so much.... no kidding.


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