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I picked up a very rusty late 50s Fargo truck today to pinch the engine and trans out of for my Chrysler project. It has a 4 speed New Process trans in it. The id tag on the firewall has C4B on it which I assume is the model. Anyone got any info regarding exactly what the transmission is for ordering replacement parts and knowing what the gear ratios are? 




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45 minutes ago, 1939_Buick said:


Some one's brave playing with a Marina (wide wheels & all)

Austin A40 commercial in the back left?

The Marina is son Harry's. It is an NZ assembled 1800 and, strangely enough, is rust free. Carb needs a rebuild though.



The Fargo is, I think, Canadian.  Here is its engine number which I think reads M13753C.IMG_8464.JPG

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Merry Christmas to all. Had some fun with a saw and rattle gun over the last couple days freeing the engine and trans from the Fargo.

Referencing the vintage power wagon site I think the box is from a '41-'42 WC 1/2 ton 4x4 truck. Not the correct box for the truck. the holes cut in the floor for the gear lever with a gas axe also said that.

Ratios are:

1st 6.4:1

2nd 3.1:1

3rd 1.7:1

4th 1:1

Rev 7.7:1


Engine is 3 3/8 x 4 1/2. 241cui Canadian long block. could make it a 250 with a .0625 overbore     








@1939_Buick The marina only delivered the trailer. Though it was used to tow a Lada 2104 on the same trailer.


@Spinneyhill marina is '78 



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