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I know it's not stock and maybe not appropriate for the site, but this is my wife's personal car and it's available. '64 Impala wagon, cold factory A/C with modern components, working power rear window, power front seat, AM/FM/CD stereo, numbers-matching S-coded L30 327/250 horsepower, PowerGlide upgraded to TH350. The lowered suspension, wheels, and exhaust are the only other modifications and they'd be easy enough to undo if you don't like it (yes, the pin stripes should wipe off with some lacquer thinner). Brand new interior, recent Daytona Blue paint with gray roof, very, very clean South Carolina car with no issues underneath. I have a full Air Ride suspension for it that I haven't installed, but it rides just fine the way it is--in fact, it's almost too floaty, not bone-jarring like you'd think. Firmer shocks would be a good idea. She drove it to Canada a few times to visit her family last spring and summer. I'd sell it for $22,000 and you could either put it back to stock by changing springs or enjoy as-is because it looks killer. Always attracts a lot of attention and has been bulletproof reliable under all conditions. I even found a correct station-wagon-only spare to go with it. Nice car, lots of fun, ready to go. Drive it home any distance. I do really like this car.


The photos make it look darker than it is; it's really a lovely shade of dark blue. I always stop to admire it as I walk past in the shop.









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Clue us all in!


FULL size as the previous posts suggests, or Intermediate size, or compact?  What is he after and for what purpose? 


One can have a choice of a front engine in four, six, eight cylinder, or rear engine, and six passenger or 9-passenger in a GM wagon from 1962-'64.



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If you want a turn key one I can't help but if looking for a project I have a 64 that I bought just to get the ribbed roof panel to replace the soft top on a Model A Sedan. Rust free, dent free with even trim and chrome good to very good. 327 engine and PG trans are long gone but it was a loaded car with accessories still there including a/c compressor and p/s pump. Sea haze green in color with a nauseous green interior. Was nice enough not to chop up for now but then nothing is sacred around the shop. I believe a GMC van went to the gallows as a stand in for the 64 wagon top. Either way the *%&$# soft top is history on the Model A.



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