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My Buick 1932 56S at show today


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Ventured out to the car show today. The sun had trouble staying out today, but it pop out and lit the car up so nice.

I told my 8 year old son to jump in the driver's seat for a couple of pictures.

Truly a rare day when the sun has trouble  shining hear in Mesa, AZ.

We are over a 110 days with no rain, very unusual for this time of year, finally  suppose to rain tomorrow!

My Buick 16.jpg

My Buick 17.jpg

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6 hours ago, C Carl said:

Lookin' GOOD , bmg1959 ! Hey you two guys : Did you finally get relief from the those weather issues ? Still cold and wet here in Washington State. It is too gloomy for too long around here.   - Carl 


Only snow left is along the fence rows.Had enough rain yesterday to wash most of the sand and salt off the roads.Temperature is still below normal (about 45F).Most of the old cars are up and running ,just waiting for a warmer, drier day !


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