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1947 Super Clipper 2103


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A very nice Model 2103 Super Clipper, body style 2172 on the 127" WB. New proper wool interior and new carpet. I dare you to find a rust hole. Seriously, it's as solid as it gets showing some original paint and some areas that have been sprayed over the years. This is an ex-Harrah's collection car and comes with a certificate to that effect. Clear MI title, 5 new Silvertown radials, new rear shocks, front shocks serviced, all new brakes to include lines, wheel cylinders and all new shoes. Has O/D, heater, radio (not working completely, turns on/off), new battery, new fuel lines and filter, fresh carb rebuild with ethanol resistant components. Chrome is stunning with a fresh replate on the bumpers and the rest in near perfect original condition. The 2103 is recognized by the CCCA to be a classic and what a CARavan car this would be. It could use some minor love here and there but it's off and running right now. Can be seen at Hershey in spaces OBC 23-24. Accepting realistic offers, asking $24,500. If you see it you'll love it, no apologies, runs, shifts, stops and steers just as it should, starts hot or cold every time. 


I can be reached here by PM, or email to:

highlander809@gmail.com     or an old-fashioned ph call:

734 637 1421, text msg is ok too. 














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Here's a link to the same ad in the 'cars for sale' section of this forum:

It shows more pictures and details, has pictures of the week it went to Hershey. Since this all started there's a new generator in the mix as well. A N.O.S. armature, new brushes, sealed bearing and proper bushing. It charges a max of 7.8V, the regulator works as it should which protects the battery from overcharging. This is the right car. Never a rust hole, serviced, fun, O/D, as close to the perfect tour car you can find at a bargain price. And yes, with exception of the right front fender and right door it's original paint. The color match is so close you can hardly tell, I can't say when it was done but had to be a long time ago. I'll listen to sincere and reasonable offers. Happy New Year.

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In case you Packard folks don't visit the rest of the pages, yeah, still have it. You'd think it was a lie, a bondo bucket that smokes and sucks oil like a friday night drunk. Nope. The real deal with working OD and silky smooth power. Nothing rattles, the shifter feels new, the interior is stunning and 100% correct seat and trim patterns in the proper weight materials. Fully serviced brakes, electric, fuel, as well as new rear shocks and fully serviced fronts. Rides like a dream and stops on a dime. For less than a new Kia this could be you. 



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