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hey guys..quick question...when getting the valve job done, its a good idea to take care of the 2 cylinder heads...I was wondering if the machine shop was kidding me when they said its 650 for each head....

sounds a little steep to me....right?


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2 hours ago, Bill Reichert said:

Check with Hemi about where he took them?


Problem is, Bill, that was 20 years ago. At that time you could get both heads done for that $650 price.

That includes replacement of the exhaust valve guides. Those are the ones that slip down and cause all that exhaust smoke at idle.

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1 hour ago, shelbyone said:

my question is: what is a "normal" pricerange for a machineshop to charge per head?

Shelbyone, I would do a little shopping around. You could possibly save a lot if you did a little looking.

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