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1900 Locomobile Trace Catalogue - Syracuse, NY


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Good Afternoon, Auto Literature Collectors and Libraries! 
I am finishing a booklet about a lady sitting in a Locomobile in front of a Syracuse, NY, fountain in 1900. See attached image. 
A very good friend and Locomobile expert sent me a photocopy of a 1900 Locomobile trade catalogue that was distributed by the Syracuse Automobile Company, which sold this locomobile. See attached images. 
Does anyone know where the original brochure is located? Is it in a library or private collection? 
I don't want to buy it, but just get high quality scans of the original brochure. 
Thanks very much! 
Best wishes! 

Don Hoke 







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Good Morning, Larry!  I have indeed contacted the AACA Library.  Chris Ritter and his staff do an exceptional job.  I've used the library on numerous occasions.  Chris has things meticulously organized, highly professional.  I cannot wait for the new facility to open in a few years.


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