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Ginger interior parts for sale

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I've acquired three TCs, of which one was a parts car. From that car I have a mostly complete interior. Sadly, this a car was an 89 16v car. I'm attaching a couple overall photos. If you see something in the photo and you are in need of it, send a message to me. If you don't see a the part you need in any of the photos, just ask me about it. I may have it. Parts are located in the Minneapolis area. I will ship. FedEx is very close to me.









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I'm not sure if the piece I need is removable or if I would have to get the whole assembly but I am missing the plastic piece for the fuel door release, I believe it is black plastic with a picture of a gas pump in white. Also need passenger door wood trim that goes around the window switches, if it's in good shape. Would need shipped to the Richmond, Va area. If you could price both separately as my budget is tight right now & I may only be able to get one of these items. Thanks!

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89chryslerati - I only have the wood trim for the passenger side window/lock switch. Would $50 shipped work?


Bill Reichert - I sold the entire 16v car to a gentleman named Harold from Kenosha, WI. Its going into another TC.


Mensanguy - I don't have the parts you asked for. Sorry.


Jim Bird - I believe I have what you need. Do you have a photo to reference?

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Hemi Dude - its just a fun car. Built 360, 727, 3.91s and a 3800 stall. Mini tubbed too. Its runs low 13s. Its got an old .528 Mopar solid lifter cam currently. I'm not a fan. It sounds good though. I bought a new hydraulic cam, a 2500 stall, and am doing head work to it. The 3800 stall is too much. It has EQ heads that will wake it up more with some porting. Once that is done, I will run it next summer to see where its at. Then it will get EFI and a turbo!


Oh yeah - I'm going to paint it the original yellow too

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11 hours ago, mario caruso said:

Hi, I am interested in the ac/ radio surround (wood grain  bezel ) the ashtray cover  (leather with wood surround ) and the lower dash console with emblem - Please email me with price and shipping to Miami  Florida 33160   --- Thank You ---macaruso86@aol.com

You can also posted on this site - Thanks

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Hi, I'm also looking for the driver side seat belt protector that is located at the floor mounts on the outside of the seat if you still have one.  I just sat on mine and cracked it ? 

Also looking for a center console lid in very good condition.

Thanks, Rob


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