Early Wisconsin drive pulley to be recast

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I am not sure if this particular Wisconsin front drive pulley is the same for all of the sister Wisconsin engines, but may work on some.  This pulley is from a four cylinder Model "M" Wisconsin (727 CID).  If any of you know of projects that lack or need this pulley to complete a rebuild,  please contact me so I can adjust the number of pulleys to be cast.  Hopefully this project con be completed in a couple of months.



DSC00867 (800x600).jpg




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Hello Alan,


That is different than mine which is a model "PT" Rather than the drive pulley being driven off a spur gear off the exhaust cam its mounted on the crankshaft. The diameter of the crank pulley is 9-1/2" while that of the fan is 4-1/2" Here are a couple of factory drawings - sure wish I had the whole set!




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