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1941 Cadillac 4 -DR 61 Series Fastback.

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Hi Chris ! Sure wish you could post the smell of that fine old veteran ! ? The aroma , and the manual trans would have already made that Cadillac mine if not for the stage of life and otherwise I am in. I hope the lucky next owner will leave well enough alone , other than to rebuild the steering wheel , as this is a superb survivor driver. I love these monoblock flathead V8 Cads. They really are able long distance drivers. Handle well , and know how to stop too , with their huge brakes.  GLWS !     - Cadillac Carl , CLC 10797 , (life)

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13 hours ago, C Carl said:

"Used to be the heart of town". - Grateful Dead , from "Shakedown Street"     - Cadillac Carl 


Unfortunately Terre Haute has changed a lot over the years... used to be a huge economic powerhouse of the region, now crime rates have went up and unemployment has gone up as the jobs have moved.


Oh well, that's a tangent.  That's definitely an older house, and would make sense.  Cool Cadillac... wish I had the money for it.

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On 12/8/2017 at 9:16 PM, rick60 said:

This is the house at the address on the ID card. I expected something a bit more upscale. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 8.12.35 PM.png


Until the commercial buildings encroached

and the lower-quality modern "improvements" 

were made to the house, that could have been

a nice upper-middle-class residence on a beautiful

street--a perfect home for this nice entry-level Series 61 Cadillac.


I'm just as much an advocate of keeping architecture attractive--

and towns attractive--as I am in keeping a car unmodified!



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