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Tie Rod repair or possibly upgrade to 3/4 ton linkage?

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Hi,  I'm putting my tie rod structure together from my 38 Dodge RC humpback panel truck (1/2 ton).  It was in an accident sometime during it's life and,  It seems that the prior owners did some bending of the drag link too, probably for adjustment purposes.  It seems quite flimsy though.  It got me thinking about upgrading to a 3/4 tone linkage for a bit more stability. Has anyone here done this?  Is it worth it? Would it be worth making it myself.  I have access to a machine shop near by.  I would appreciate some advice.  Thank you.    Fran

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Are you sure it has extra bends? I was surprised at the factory bends in the 1930 Dodge 8 drag link I repaired last year. The important things are that the ball bolts are held at 90o to each other at drag link and at the wheel arm and that it doesn't hit anything on turning. My drag link was clearly made from a tube, by forcing a mandrill into each ends to enlarge it to take the springs, seats and balls.


Why "upgrade" something that has lasted this long? When a crash occurs, all bets are off as to what is damaged: the forces can be great. I wouldn't bother. The stability I think you are talking about comes from a drag link with ends that do not wobble or move in work, i.e. that are in good condition with good lubrication. Those springs are very strong and tightly hold the balls in their seats.


Then and Now have a lot of drag link parts. I put Chev parts in mine and I think Taylormade did that too on his '32 DL (Daphne - see the topic in Dodge and Dodge Brothers).

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