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Since we had to change, this seems to be working except still need a few tweaks:

1) Some indication possibly in the bar with "Main Index" of whether we are logged in or not. As it is you must go to the "post a message" screen before there is any indication of who you are.

2) The ability to go to the login screen, log in, and be returned to where we were before. Since do not know until reaching the "edit" screen, is a pain trying to find my way back (and in Netscape find I am still anonymous so have been using IE).

Both of these existed in the previous version but seem to have been lost.

Note: like many here, my bookmark is for the Reatta discussion, not the homepage. Is what I am interested in.

Other items I think would be nice:

"Continue" button above the "post" screen

Less "extra information" on bottom of postings screen.

(alternative: ability to have postings come up in decending (newest first) order.

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