Two more coupes to identify - maybe both are Grahams?

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The coupe on the right looks like a 1929 Graham.....this one looks like it might be the exact model with the fabric top covering.

1929 Graham coupe.jpg

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Top one is a 1933 Graham Model 65 Coupe

    - Wire wheels were not available in the 34 model

    - Wide cowl, hood dose not extend over (notice the color picture of the 34 coupe vs this one) 

    - short front bumper 3 1/2" vs 4 1/4 (make it a six cylinder)

    - 14 hood louvers


Second Coupe (side view)

     Looks like a 1929 Graham-Paige 612 most likely a Business Coupe (cant see the trunk handle)

    - 615 would not have the standard tail light

    - radiator cap, hub caps, door handle, and body lines are all GP


Beautiful picture!


Do you know the location?


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