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1916 Reo 6 cylinder motor for sale

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1916 Reo 6 cylinder motor for sale. It appears to be complete with manifolds, carb, starter and generator. the only obvious missing parts are the 2 overhead valve covers. I do not see any cracks or damage to the block and head. I am offering this motor for an old car collector that no longer is able to play with old cars. Open to a reasonable offer, he needs it to go away. Can help with loading, or can pallet it for shipping. I can provide photos if needed





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Wrong fellow. Howard is one of the great old car guys in the Seattle area. He may still be looking for an interesting Ferrari project as per his long standing posting way down below under the Italian cars section. Give him a call. Around here , it is common for those who are able , to escape the wet gloom for a month or few this time of year.   - Carl 

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