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A couple years ago, I removed the gauges to replace bulbs in the warning lights.  (89 8v) The car had very low mileage and was stored for most of its life.  Turned out that the bulbs were ok and only required cleaning.  I also removed the speedometer.  (I don't remember why.)  In doing that, the position of the needle was changed.  Since then, the speedometer has been about 5-10 miles per hour fast.  (There is no post to tell where the needle should rest at 0 miles per hour as in some cars.)  Can anyone tell me where the 0 should be, or better yet post a picture?  Since I don't drive the car in the Winter, I removed the speedometer and don't want to put it back in until I can get some idea of where the needle should rest.                 

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The problem for you is that there is no specific place the needle rests when the ignition is off or in your case while the speedometer is out of the cluster. If you have the needle loose in hand, when the time comes, install the speedometer into the cluster, in the dash with all wiring in operating position, then with ignition switch in the on position, the speedometer should '0' itself. At this time, install the needle on the shaft, loosely.

You could then drive the car and with a GPS such as "speedometer" application on an iPhone, compartment the speed to the reading on the iPhone. Make whatever correction you need while stopped on the side of the road. When the 2 speeds are similar, gently press the needle in place. 

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