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1924 Maxwell distributor housing gone (see photo)


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The pot-metal housing is gone that protects the distributor bevel gears (see attached photo) on my 1924 Maxwell. Can anyone help me with replacement parts or a complete unit? I am also open to advice regarding the installation of a modern 90-degree electronic distributor. Thank you. 




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Reposting these for  Forum Member 1924 Maxwell




"Sorry, I haven't gotten these earlier, but I had to wait until my Son, came in to show me how to do it.  If you want, my Email is Brisco6872@frontiernet.net. Phone, is 304-287-2205. Price is negotiable.  As you can see, there are eight. I thought that I only had six. I would like to get  $50.00 each".459518833_80043163_451609595769348_5263025965008683008_n_thumb_jpg_6f864e5bee4168340643ad1088ab0fea(2).jpg.822f95f9c61cc3e5b3e783a99ead8f5c.jpg

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