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1958 Buick 2 door Roadmaster or Limited parts

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Hello all,

Im looking for a few parts for a 58 Buick Limited 2 dr.  


- passenger side door panel.  Blue, but would take any color in any condition.  Roadmaster or Limited will work. 

- door sill plates - both sides

- limited only rear 1/4 trim. I attached a picture and circled ones needed. 

- both front fender headlight eyebrows

- any other 2 dr Limited only side trim I may also be interested in.  I may also buy 4 dr limited rear side trim and splice together if anyone has that.  


thank you



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babchoukmusic@sasktel.net   306.897.6233  GREG    I recently sold one for $750us.  If you can get quality work done on what you have I would expect it to be cheaper.  If you are still looking for parts there is a fella over here who is restoring a limited convertible.  I believe he has a 2 door parts car.  He also bought a four door that was partially restored but plans on selling it now. 

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