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How to stop Rust on unprimed Car in garage .

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38 minutes ago, kgreen said:

Primer is not a moisture resistant coating.  It is used to prep a surface for eventual painting.  Eventual may be a specific time frame as well.  Epoxy primer is a moisture resistant coating and a prep for eventual painting.  It must be applied to bare, properly treated metal.  If a car was "primed" it is likely to develop rust from moisture condensing on the primered (sp) surface.  An epoxy coated car will hold up for months or longer even if moisture condenses on the metal surface.

Not necessarily so if the epoxy has been sanded or scuffed it will absorb moisture & oils including fingerprints. But I agree that a coat of primer, preferably epoxy, is your best bet. Leave it skinned over. 

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I had an idea that gallon of primer had been around for a while. The last little job I did looked good, but maybe I will treat myself to a new gallon of PPG 2K urethane. I think those primers will give a closed coat and protect against moisture. I am sure the epoxy primers will.


My contribution is the idea you can just brush it on an do a little or a lot without making a big deal.


I do have a policy about correcting literary skills. If I understand the context of what someone tells me, they did the job. Why would I correct them?


A handwriting expert analyzed my  signature once, they said it showed me to be an extremely confident person. I guess my expectations of the reader were high. Sometimes one will lean over and ask "Is that an a". I answer "Yes", seems like that always get the right letter.


Prime it with a a brush or a roller if you want a quick protective coat. If you have other intentions prime it with gasoline.      Hmmmmmmmm, have you ever read Dissertation on Roast Pork  ?


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Epoxy primer would be the best solution but in order to do it right you would basically be prepping the metal for paint.  Epoxy is the only primer that seals the metal and doesn't have to be top coated.  Urethane 2k's are filler products not designed to adhere to bare metal,  and self etching primers are just a strike coat to allow the topcoat to stick.  Think laquer primer with an etching agent which is junk by today's epoxy standards.   The best alternative to epoxy would be some the rust oleum spray bombs list above.  Just cover the metal to somewhat protect it and plan to completely remove it before prepping for epoxy at a further date.  


Metal is porous so anyone putting oil over the metal is asking for disaster.   Never used Ospho but I've heard it works if neutralized correctly. "If" is stressed because it will ruin a paint  job if not done correctly as it's an acid based product that I always avoid.    Never wipe laquer thinner on the metal as it leaves an unseen residue plus most laquer thinners available today are recycled solvents and have bad stuff in the mix.  Lots of good waterborne and solvent based products available at a body shop supply.  I recommend both types as each has it's advantages to clean the metal.    Don't mineral spirits, naptha, laquer thinner, etc...

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