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1936 Desoto Diecast Horn Cover Removal

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Just putting this out there. What is the best way to remove the Diecast slotted cover on the horn covers for the 1936 Desoto / Chrysler.

I need to remove them to get re-chromed then what's the best thing to re-install them.

I am not up to this stage on re-build but as these covers are probably as rare as rocking horse poo then I need to remove correctly to minimise damage.

Any help greatly appreciated. Peter

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    I have a '36 Dodge which has similar grilles on the horn covers. If I'm correct, they are pinned into the cover. I took a Dremel and ground of the peened area behind the grille, then the grille will pop out. When I inspected the reverse side of the grilles, I noticed that there was enough land area around the pins and it was thick enough to remove the remaining part of the pins and very carefully drill a small hole for a new screw. I placed the grilles back in each cover and marked the hole placement with a marker so to get everything lined up. Then I drilled the holes to fit a 2-56 screw, just deep enough to firmly hold the screw but not go through the casting.I then took a 2-56 tap and carefully threaded the holes , again being careful to get them straight and not go through the casting. It doesn't take very many threads to  hold the screws. Using a 1/2 in. long screw with a phillips head ( they come in  several head types), I threaded a nut onto the screw and then screwed it into the pretapped holes. Then I cut of the head and removed the nut. This allows you to clean the threads so you can get the nuts back on after removing the heads. I then refitted the grilles to see if everything fit correctly. Now you have a secure way to reinstall the grilles after plating. I did have one issue with the plating. Even though I gave the plater the horn covers to make sure of the fit after plating, the grilles didn't really fit as well as they did before. Not wanting the guy to do it again, because they are delicate and very hard to find unbroken, I decided to do some bodywork on the covers to make thef fit the grilles. It took a while, but they came out fairly well, remembering that the grilles did not have a perfect fit when they were new. Hope this helps and if you have any questions, I'll send you my number in a pm, please feel free to call.

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