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Must see! 1956 complete showroom display

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56zach, our Buy/Sale guidelines regarding price reads simply:


Price -Strongly suggested. In other words, if you are lonely and are posting without a price just to get someone to email you with requests for information, low-ball offers, and angry demands for the price, then fine, skip the price. Otherwise put a real price on it and find a real buyer.


You have at least 3 individuals interested in your item. It has been brought to my attention by one that your response to them was that you are "taking bids". I personally in a private message asked you to price your item to me. I can not allow our members to be pitted against each other in a bidding war.  Please price your item within this thread or personal messages/emails. Otherwise,  I would suggest you move on to an auction site such as eBay. 



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Yep, announce the e-bay listing here with short cut, would be OK with me.

I have seen these sell many times in the last couple of years for $195 to 395 with slides.

This is not a venue to list it for bids or a I don't want to sell it price and asking 5 to 20 times more then previous selling prices..

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Also Collect them and I am Interested, after Lamar of course.     I have a 1957  and a 1960.  If it is in good condition and the light works and all of the plastic in-lays are there, it is worth $500 on up. All of the swatches in the drawer below must also be there and in good condition.  Just my opinion.

1957 Buick Display Case 2.JPG

1960 Buick Display Case 2.JPG

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Good idea Pete. Hope to see it happen!


In the meantime, I have created a new thread in the Garages and Memorabilia Forum just for this subject. Hoover over and click on the title below.


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On 11/20/2017 at 8:08 PM, MrEarl said:

There were earlier ones, 54 and 55 for sure but indeed this is a nice one. I am interested, please list price and contact info please.

Absolutely NOT--- there were NOT earlier ones like this 1956 type box. This type of box was used form 1956 through 1960. The boxes like these were the very first of this type. Prior to 1956, there were light boxes that simply held a single transparency of one model of Buick. They were made to hang on the wall. There were no upholstery samples or color samples. Each car always was the same car shown in the postcards of the year. There was also a special REALLY BIG transparency with it's very own light box for the 1953 Skylark.

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