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Wrecked car, circa 1926


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I agree with Keiser, although there are a lot of similarities with the car Leif's suggests.


Here's an image of a 1923 Olds Model 47 from the web.



The differences I note comparing the two cars:

The shape of the top of the radiator shell. Wrecked car clearly has a horizontal part whereas on the Model 47 it is a rounded curve ala a horse collar.
Hub area of the disc wheels differ on the two cars. protruding on the Olds, inset on the wrecked car.
No molding around the doors on the wrecked car, whereas there are moldings the Olds.

Headlamp bar on wrecked seems solid, whereas the maroon Olds it looks to be a U-shaped stamping. The drum headlights also seem to differ in detail.

On the maroon Olds, there some sort or bracket or stamping where the w/s post meets the cowl that is absent on the wrecked car.

I could believe the wrecked car is some other Olds model execpt for the significant difference between the top of the rad shell.

And, no, I don't know what the wrecked car is...


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You do seem to have nailed it Leif. The '23 Durant shown is likely restored, which explains rear window having a more squarish shape, the cowl lights in slightly different position, missing side curtain snaps, etc. I've never seen one, thank goodness for Google Images!

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23 hours ago, Brass is Best said:

Looks like they lost the wheel, they hit the pole. I bet the wheel was placed in its current location for the photo.


Could be, lost the wheel, it came thru the fender and running board and tore up the door.

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2 minutes ago, keiser31 said:

Looks more like the car was T-boned, to me. The fender is mashed up against the splash apron/frame.

Could be as well.

I don't see a lot of damage to the wheel if it indeed was taken off by a T-bone hit.

But might explain the steering being jammed all the way to the right.

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1 minute ago, Spinneyhill said:

Most of the running board is missing; the outer edge is hanging down from the back. And what is that locking ring? at the bottom of the photo?

The looks to be a sewer manhole cover on the sidewalk.

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