Two Red Reattas (part cars) 91 & 89

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Have two Red Reattas for sale. They’re essentially parts cars at this point. One is a 89 and the other is a 91, which is a might have a bit more left to it because it’s parts aren’t completely the same as my 88. Took some body parts out but the mechanical parts are all there. Don’t have great pictures of the 89 because it’s kinda pinned between other vehicles right now. They’re in Wappingers Falls NY. Just want a better than scrap price, gimme an offer! Thanks! 









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Does the 89 have a BCM in there you'd be willing to sell me? Mine pooped out and I need a replacement.

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I do have a BCM from it but here’s my experience- I’ve had to buy multiple ECMs and BCMs even refurbished ones, none of them made my car work correctly. I’d put one in and see how the car ran with each in and would choose the one than ran the best because something would always be off. :/ maybe it was just my Reatta, idk. 


So so I guess I’m saying I could sell it to you but there’s no guarantee it would work right :/


im really just looking to get rid of them so they’re not at my Dad’s shop anymore .

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