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For Sale Some NOS Glass for TC Maserati

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We are still able to offer some limited pieces of new side glass and even a couple of back windows for the removable Hardtop.  They are scattered between 4 or 5 warehouses in USA.  The only thing not available are the porthole windows. Prices are still  reasonable if anyone is contemplating replacing any scratched windows  or for spares.   We have been selling  hard to find glass for models like this since the cars were new.

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I wrote to him and here is his response


Hi Martin, sorry did not get a chance  with the holiday break to get back to you.   There are no OEM windshields but I have access to some of the side glass.  Let me know where you are located for shipping and I can put some totals together.  There are at least 2 sets possibly 3  sets of door glasses that run $150 each side. The rear quarter windows  , possibility of 1 or 2 sets $135 each side.  Hey are in different warehouses but I would have to see if I can coordinate to put any together in 1 shipment.


In regards to the back windows for the removable hardtop there are 3 that can be shipped with some of the side glass  back east. The back windows run $225 each.   Let me know if you would like to pursue any.





ProSource Glass international

Toll Free 877-345-2800 US & Canada


                   978-790-4657 Cell



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