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I need king pins for my late 1924 Dodge..  My king pins are 7 1/2" long, 7/8" diameter, with spiral lubrication groove, copper bushings at top and bottom, thrust bearing, and slot for tapered retaining pin.  The pins being marketed are actually a bolt with a nut, 6" active length, 7 1/2" total length, bushings at each end, no thrust bearing, no spiral lubrication groove.  QUESTIONS:  What do I have?  Has my axle been changed?   Where can I get new pins and bushings?  Thanks for any help you can give.

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    #157 covers 1914-1918, pin size 0.625in.. Threaded for grease cups. view $265.00
    #161 covers 1919-1921, pin size 0.750in.. Drill for 1/8in. npt grease fitting view $265.00
    #016 covers 1922-1924 Thru car A204877, pin size 0.750in.. NO grease fitting view $265.00
    #194 covers Late 1924 -1928, pin size 0.875in.. NO grease fitting. view $265.00
#124 covers Model 124, pin size 0.875in., No grease fitting view $265.00
Above sets include 2 pins, 4 bushings, 2 cotter pins, 2 nuts.
Bushings for King Pins can be bought separately (price each)
    #210 covers 1928 -1930 Model 128, 130, 140 and DA. Includes 2 pins, 4 bushings, 2 thrust bearings, 2 dust covers & spacers view $252.00
Steering Knuckle Bolt Key (#210 King Pin Key -2 per car) [price each] view $13.75
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Hi 30s, Firstly check the part # of the front axle It is cast onto the axle on the right side front between the spring perch and the kingpin pivot If your frame # is below A 204877 the axle part # should be 18303 If your frame # is above A 204877 the axle part # should be 32409 .

Maybe they are not original pins that are in your car that is if they do not have a hex head From the info that I have the hex head pin went up until late 27  I hope that I have been of some help Ron

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There appears to be a number missing from your frame number They have 6 numbers  Going by Myers production dates Frame #s starting with A 270-000  started on March 3 1925. Are you missing a #? The # you have found on your axle does not match any on the DB 1915 to 1933 parts book Can you post a photo of what you have? 

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Here are some pictures of my axle.  Hopefully someone can identify it.  The axle casting number is 10572, instead of the number 10872 which  I previously listed.  The casting number appears on the left front and on the right rear of the axle faces.  The plate on the floorboard says 608041.  Thanks for your help.







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