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22 hours ago, GladAsCanB said:

Does anyone have, or know where I might be able to find, a brass nameplate for the TC, like the this...?5a0dfe3b0ccae_TCBrassNameplate.thumb.jpg.9c00ed4d6ffbf488f7e4d470d07c4bae.jpg

They only came with the initial order of the TC and was engraved with their name.

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Amazon sells a very nice replica.  It is sold by a company called Full Throttle.   They come in different logos, but they do make one with the Chrysler/Maserati logo. 


Type "CHRYSLER MASERATI - CUSTOM ENGRAVED DASH PLAQUE" in your search and you will see it.  I have two already and am about to order my third.  


Good Luck

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