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2 Reatta's -- one for sale


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I am the owner of two really nice Reatta's. I would like to sell one, keep the other.

# 1. 1990 Red w/ Tan 63,XXX miles: excellent shape with really EXCELLENT interior (mechanicals are easily dealt with, its the interior components that are expensive or impossible to restore). Perfect seats, carpet, door panels and headliner, etc. NO rips or wear of any kind -- honest. The only thing on the whole car that is not working is the cassette tape drive. Car was purchased from a little old lady who lived in a golf course community -- always garaged and her bored husband changed the oil every 1000 miles!! -- documented. I have used the car for the last 2 years to commute to the airport -- out on monday, back on friday -- this has kept the miles low. Ya gotta call for details, it will be worth your time. Thinking $8,000 but can talk. Oh yeah: brake fluid has been regularly flushed and NO brake problems. This car purrs. Comes with original wheels and ORIGINAL tires. (Other set on it now)

#2. 1990 Black w/ Tan 88,300 miles: Really nice shape but just not quite as nice as the red one (hey, its got 25k more miles). Body has some door dings/ paint chips, but the perfect interior makes up for this. I mean the interior is super. The only flaw is a heel hole in the carpet below the gas pedal. Door panels, seats, steering wheel, etc are great. I just acquired this one so it got plugs, wires, O2 sensor, and coil pack to make it purr. Then just for fun,an oil change, tranny oil and filter change, and brake fulid flush this past week end. It runs so well I would be willing to sell the Red one and keep this (I like black better). Thinking $6500.

I have looked at a lot of "pig" Reatta's and wasted alot of time on junk advertised as "like new." I know the difference. Call me to see why either of these would be worth your time.




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