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I have a 1999 Buick Riviera in my collection in addition to a 1989 Buick Riviera.

I have a PARTS manual for the 1989 that is very helpful.

Question is with the onset of computers is it possible to purchase a PARTS manual for my 1999  Buick Riviera?

Even with the VIN number many times I have found the parts counter people r making errors. I would like to purchase a PAPER PARTS manual for my 1999 Buick Riviera if they are made.

Just got burnt with a part I received from Vintage auto parts after TWO parts men checked the number before I ordered it.

I have been checking E bay BUT not sure they are made?


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I found what I wanted on EBay. It is on Microfiche, which is what they used back in the late 90's

I do not want to purchase a reader so next step is to have someone convert to a PDF file


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