Burned up in the Napa fires what next?

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Sorting all this out. Thinking what can I do with three burned up Harley Topper Scooters?  I will try to save the 48 Indian. Will see who has pieces I need to save it. Anyone see any use for the Toppers? 



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Wow, I'm sorry to see this.  First, I certainly hope that nobody was injured or killed in the fire. 


With that said, I suppose the Indian could be saved, but every single surface would need attention. It would certainly be a committed restoration. 


The Toppers may still have some usable bits for the hardcore Topper guy (that's not me), but saving any of them would be a monumental restoration. I'm not saying it isn't "worth it" to save them, but the cost of parts and restoration on those scooters will easily exceed their value. There are usually a few nice Toppers each year that come up for sale for someone that's looking for one that's complete. These may be best served as parts bikes for someone that's trying to finish a couple of their own. 

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