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1926 Dodge Clum Ignition and Headlight Switch


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I'm looking for a Clum ignition switch for my 26 Dodge. The 4 position type with "Park" "Off" "Dim" and "On" The one that's in it is some sort of aftermarket replacement and I would like to put the original back in.  With or without key doesn't matter I can find one.  It's for 6 V system.  Thank you. 

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I searched this forum and someone stated that a Model T Ford switch will work in place of the Clum switch.

He suggested going to Snyders Antique Auto's webpage, but this post is over 12 years old.  This is for a

switch tumbler.  Don't know if this helps.

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5 minutes ago, cahartley said:

Have you tried ebay?

When I wanted a spare key for my '24 I got one there and it didn't long either.

Here's what's on right now........nothing for you though.......



Yeah, I check daily. Usually multiple times a day. I almost bought that 3 position one thinking it was the one I needed. Thanks though

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OK, not sure where you are located but my ultimate source for keys and locks and all things related is ABC Lock, Key and Lawnmower Repair Shop on 30th in San Diego, CA.  Old time lock and key shop that has been there forever and has, I believe, everything (bent 30s Omega keys, Ford decklid keys that formed the handle, etc., etc.)  See attached photo, this is the smaller of the walls they have covered with stock.  Good luck.  SMB


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