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Engine Enamel for 1929 Chrysler Imperial?


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Can anyone suggest a source for the correct color engine enamel  for the 1929 Chrysler Imperial L80?  In a much earlier post a color was suggested for the 1930 Imperial that looks close. Does anyone know if the 1929 and 1930 engines were the same color? 


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This information might help someone. In 1988 or so, seven (7) generator brackets from 1932 Chrysler Imperial CH engines were submitted to a local PPG paint supplier for color matching. All were a different shade, leading one to believe engine colors were eye matched and mixed by the barrel. The extreme color variations were eliminated and the green chart on the left shows the result of hand tinting to produce a formula. A couple years passed, then a paint sample produced from the hand mix formula was checked by a  spectrophotometer to yield  the simplified formulas shown at right. PPG of course can be counted upon to drop their various products at will,  so these formulas may no longer be mixable.  

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