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Brake relining

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There must be a brake and clutch shop somewhere in your area.  Most shops use bonded linings today, but if you want to stay with riveted they will do that too.

 I use Casper Brake and Clutch in Kansas City.  They do an excellent job and have the correct linings for both hydraulic and mechanical brakes.

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I used the clutch doctor in MN for my brake bands - fast (turn around in one week which included shipping times back and forth from MI) and reasonably priced.  Excellent work and very nice to deal with. Went out of his way to find some softer linings to eliminate some brake squeal I was dealing with.




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It is important to remember that most brake shops use the new , non asbestos brake lining.

This brake lining is very hard and does not work very well.

You have to really exert a lot of force on the brake pedal to get the car to stop.

Original asbestos lining is still available but is no longer manufactured.

A good alternative is Kevlar brake lining and the Chevrolet vendors sell that.

Did anybody have experience with these?


Robert Kapteyn

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