1912 Buick wheel question

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I have a 1912 Buick Model A34 brass/copper edition.  I am curious to see how I can tell if my wheels are beaded or not.  I will need to replace all 4 corners with new rubber most likely from Coker as The Samson Tires are no longer available.  My spare is a Samson tire but the others are 4-ply from Coker and were purchased by my grandfather in the mid to late 80's.  


Any help is appreciated.  They are 30x3.5.  Would I be purchasing the same size inner tube as well?


Any link which could point me in the direction of how to dismount the tire and reinstall would be helpful!




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Post a picture of your wheel with the side wall.  We should be able to help you by telling if it they are clinchers or straight sidewalls.  If you are buying new tires it is a good thing to buy new tubes (IMO).  Tubes should be the same size.

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