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I was at the gym earlier this week wearing a Reatta Rally t-shirt.  It has the Reatta logo screen-printed in front and pictures of various Reattas in back.  A gentleman saw the t-shirt, came up to me, introduced himself as Merl Drucker (he had a slight Irish accent) and mentioned that his grandfather and aunt worked on designing the Reatta (for GM).  He was a bit fuzzy with facts but mentioned his father worked on the design of the rear compartments (he owned a red coupe) and his aunt (last name of Luden) worked on assembly.  He mentioned he may have photographs of his aunt on the assembly line (wasn't sure about the grandfather). Both passed away in the 1990s. Conversation went on for about 20 minutes but he didn't amount to much.  He said he'd look for the photographs and maybe call his grandmother (97 years young) if she has any recollection.


For the Reatta historians in the forum, do either of these names ring a bell (Drucker or Luden)?  Googling their names didn't produce results. We're suppose to meet next Thursday at the gym. Hopefully he'll have some photos and maybe more information.

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