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Wanted- Mitchell 1908 Model G inner front wheel bearing or Hub

Charlie Allen

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I mailed him one earlier this week... not perfect but should do until he can figure out what modern bearing to fit. As a note to anyone unfamiliar with these cup style "bicycle bearings"  — they were spectacularly unreliable by modern standards and are frequently found galled or cracked even when the car has little mileage on it. The only safe alternative is to fit modern tapered roller bearings. Fortunately, this is usually possible with a little machine work. In rare cases, the machine work may be more extensive but if you don't want your wheel falling off on the road, it is an important modification.


I'll add... forget finding NOS examples. I've never seen one of any size. As soon as better bearings became readily available this type was abandoned almost overnight. They were a holdover from horse drawn vehicles and really inadequate to automotive use.

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